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Ok so over the last year who do you feel the need to give thanks for towards the running of this club.

Personally and utter and foremost id like to say thanks to Steve for providing us with the club in the first place as ive managed to meet some fantastic people through it, learnt loads and generally had a good giggle.

Also id like to say thanks to Ken (sorted avensis) in particular for that fantastic northern meet he organised and for generally being a !Removed! nice bloke!

And cheers to the people i speak to mostly for helping me out with things Dan, Jerry, Oli and a few others (not cuttin ppl out here!)

Cheers to everyone in general!


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I will second that!

Thanks to Steve for this superb club, Nicola for introducing me to it. To Everyone who has offered help and support when things haven't gone to plan. I would also like to thank the LOC bunch for selecting my car as a runner up for "Car Of Show" at JAE :thumbsup:

Without TOC I would never have met Nicola (At the Gaydon Meet last year) and we wouldn't be together today :wub:

Cheers Guys!

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I would second Jaxx's comments.

Well done Steve for all the dedication, hard work & time he's given up for the club.

Ken has worked some magic both here & on the gold side, gold would not be the same without some of the fantastic discounts he & others have arranged. :thumbsup:

Basically cheers to all for a helpful & friendly club, lets make it even better in '04!!! :D :thumbsup::beer:

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Good, good, good.

I'd like to say that although I cant meet you all in the meets for being at thousands of miles away, I fell that I've found a lot of friends here. :group-cuddles:

And Yes, I think also that Steve is in the top of the list of people we have to say "hey, without you mate, this wouldn't be what it is now...Thank YOU"

So thanks to all for suporting TOC.


Coyote from BA


Without TOC I would never have met Nicola (At the Gaydon Meet last year) and we wouldn't be together today 

Nice... Gonna have little TOC kids?

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Well i aint relly been active till the past few weeks but ive always had people help with 99% of my questions/problems that ive posted and hopefully ive given advice out where i rarely know what im on about... :blink:

Like ya said Jaxx... Ken did a superb job with the Northen Mini Meet which was my 1st one.. so i think ive got he bug! :D

And Steve for providin the club... its all good... :thumbsup:

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Main thanks to Steve, as its his site (your time and efforts are appreciated) :D

Thanks to those who have helped or given advice to me. :)

Thanks to everyone for the general chats and the community feel to the site, regardless of where people live :group-cuddles:

As of today I have been a member of TOC for 1 year :thumbsup:

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Cheers to the lot of ya!!!!cant single anyone out cos the teams so big!

Its nice to be part of the big TOC family

Its gotta be said everyone makes sure its even more welcoming the Disney World


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Hi everyone

Yeah i agree with jaxx. If it weren't for Steve we wouldn't have a great site to hang out and spend a few hours a day chatting to nice and friendly guys and girls. I just hope that the site can remain this way. As i have really enjoyed myself attending the club meets. Getting to put face's to names :D

Cheers jaxx for mentioning my name :thumbsup: I'm really glad that i have meet you all. You know who you all are :group-cuddles: And i hope that i will see you all at some of the meets this year :yes:


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cheers folks... one thing... the club cannot exsist without you guys using it!... an active site is a sucessfull site. So we have to thank you guys for your support!

Thanks to all the members who have helped out too!...

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