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Towbar Electrics Advise Please


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Hi all, I am fitting a tow bar and eleectrics to my 05 avensis estate 2.2d4 the towbar system is a bosal detachable one and I am all ok with that. The electrics looks fairly straight forward it is a plug in pack system, all from towequipe ( very good service).

The one problem I can see is that there is a relay that requires me to take power from the Battery in the front of the car and this looks like its going to be a right pain in the butt.

So has anybody done this before any advise is there a suitable place at the back of the car where I could tap into, and if not what is the best route to the Battery in the front of the car .

Thanks in advance

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I am facing the exact same situation with my new 05 Avensis Hatch 1.8 vvti T3

I have the Toyota mechanic at the dealership on the case for me - very helpful.

I can only assume that the wiring loom for the optional satnav in the boot or CD changer should carry a 12v supply.

The Toyota part itself requires the same power to be run, but I've been advisesd that trying to thread it thru behind the dash and firewall is a nightmare because of the build quality of these Avensis'

If I get an answer I'll let you know.

The wiring diagrams for you to do your own fact finding are on Bittorrent (Pirates Bay) there is a link on another forum post on here.

In the meantime - how did the fitting of the bosal unit go ?

I am looking at the Westfilia unit also from Towequipe.

- Cale

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Hi Well I fitted the tow bar unit and plugged the electrics in over the weekend and left it at that still need to tackle the live feed I was thinking of taking it to the 12v power feed ( cigeratte lighter ) in between the seats in the back. I do have a sat nav unit but mine is under the passenger seat.

This morning I sort of went by the toyota dealer and talked to one of there mechanics he says it does need to go to the front/battery and it is a right pain removing the trim and out behind the glove box - current load and all that....

as for the tow bar side well all I can say is that this is my third after a Volkswagon passat and a honda accord and defo the hardest getting the bumper off was pretty problamatic also one of the fixing braces is under the exhaust it's all just takes time probably a hour and half for the honda, two for the volks and at least three half hours for the toyota ( lots of trim out,bumper off, loosening exhaust and heat shield) and I have still not run the live to the Battery

I would have ran the live to the Battery at the weekend but just ran out of time so will leave it to later in the week I also need to find out why my reversing sensors no longer work.....................................

any questions and I will try and help

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Reversing sensors need to be re-calibrated, again if you search on here there other mention of it (I think also it's mentioned on the towequipe website).

Did you buy the vehicle specific socket from Towequipe ? 80 ish pounds ?

That's the one I was going to go for, but wasn't sure if the Hatch had the plugs in the light clusters to support it ?

- Cale

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Hi Cale I think the reversing problem is that I probably did not plug the cut in switch button back in, I will wire the feed to the Battery this weekend - time willing. I work away from home alot with a boot full of kit

yes, I brought the 80 ish plug in system very easy except for the one cable that has to go to the Battery........

some advice I don't know but it probably is the same but in removing the bumper you have to remove the trim on the rear lip ( the catch bit that locks the boot down) and there are four long 10mm bolts these are a pain to remove as you can't get a socket on to them because of the long excess on the bolts , I cut mine back to just above where the thread starts with some side cutters then the socket will slip on easily also when you need to drop the exhaust off the rubber hangers a bit of wd40 and use a open 13mm ish spanner to push the bung of the hanger.

everything else is straight forward ............................................. except that cursed power wire.



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Thanks for that Roger, I'll bear that in mind whilst i yell at mine !

Hang off on the 12v feed untill tomorrow night.

I pick my car up at lunctime, and have asked them to look into the possible source in the boot.

If they can't find one then the rep said he might ask the technitian might have time to run one for me.

If he does then I'll ask him for any tips and post them up for you.

Thanks again,


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Toyota boys said there is no way round this, the 12v has to be rund from the Battery.

They will run the 12V into the boot but at a cost of £65

I do have the wiring diagrams from bittorrent, but for the minute, I'm not even buying mine.

I need it for my bike rack, so it's gonna suck big time till it get it fitted.

If you get yours fixed, gimmie a shout.

I really don't want to go gung-ho and start the job without knowing how it's all going to pan out.



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Just out of interest did Toyota mechanic give you the exact reason why 12v supply has to be taken directly from the Battery. Is their not a direct 12v feed straight from Battery to internal fusebox that could be used instead, only reason I ask is local area is farming country & nearly everybody has a tow bar fitted.

And with 1 or 2 exceptions of feed coming from Battery all other pick ups are from internal points in car & I am talking Toyota from Starlet yes Starlet upto Landcruiser. I would be interested to know for future reference above reason, it would appear not to tally with Toyota.ie.

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Well I asked if there is a feed to the boot, or a wiring loom with a 12v wire in it that i can tap into and solder in the spur,

or if there is additional wiring not connected for optional extras (boot mounted sat nav as in my old GLS Tourer) I have a 05 Avensis T3-S so it ain't bottom spec.

None of the above were coroborated by Toyota dealer.

They just said that there was a job recently whereby they had to run one in a Prius from the batterey (although why anyone would use a prius for towing is beyond me !)

I know there is an easier way to do this, and if I see someon in the carpard with on fitted then I'm gonna stop and ask them !!

I have the full wiring schematics for the car, but I have yet to sit down and study them at length.

as it's dowloaded *cough* :unsure: it's kinda difficult to follow.

- Cale

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Spoke to my Toyota dealer (Geary's, Limerick, IRL) today asking about the special prewired plug that can be purchased from dealers.

I was asked what do I want that for, that the garage in question always wires towbars the conventional way without the relay unit or special plug.

They said they could get the plug if I really wanted it.

Toyota honesty, I love it.

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