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Proxy Servers

Kev Mc

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I'm a member of another forum which has had all kinds of problems recently & in the last week they all came to a head resulting in a load of people being banned etc & then a spell offline & something new coming in meaning we all had to re-register. For some reason they wouldn't let me register using my old name (I gave the site owner a bit of much-deserved stick [Edit - I didn't give him stick, but stuck up for an ex moderator who was being treated like utter crap after years of loyal service] but a lot less than a lot of people who appeared to still be there) so I registered using a different name, then when asked who I was, joked I was 1 of the main people that the site owners seem intent on kicking out.

This was last night & I've came into work to sign in & it's saying I'm not allowed to use the forum at all. When it all kicked off last time another member [Edit - The 1 who's corner I'd been fighting] kept getting banned & kept signing up again using a proxy server. There's every chance the forum has been upgraded to stop this happening but I literally don't know a thing about them so can someone tell me, in basic steps, how I go about using a proxy server (or anything else) to re-register on this forum?

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It would appear that they've only blocked me at work. I came home & just tried to log in on the off chance before I emailed the site owner for an explanation & got on without a problem. Means I'll be screwed on the slow days at work though so anyone got any ideas about how I can use the site there too?

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Can't help you coz I'm technically illiterate :crybaby: , but having read your post, & stating emphatically that it is none of my business , but do you really want to bother with them , if they are like that :unsure:

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It's on a knife edge, I was really close to binning the site for good but there are a few useful contacts on the forum for away games etc & also there are a lot of funny people on there. The site owners have just came in & completely reformed something that was working extremely well & I really was close to never returning, especially when they banned everyone but I want to see how it goes over the next few days. If nothing else it gives me another place to look when I'm bored at work & so I'd miss it at times, even if the site owner is now modelling the place on a model of 1940 Berlin

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