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Where Can I Find Rescources To Learn About Cars?


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Hey, I really like cars, though I don't know too much about it, I mean i know all the parts in a car, but when it comes to doing one up I can like do the basics.

The main thing i want to know is where would i find the rescources to learn how to do a engine transplant and do engine work?, auto to manuel conversion etc.

Ultimately I would like to buy a Toyota Soarer and do it up, most of them are auto and a manuel one is hard to come by and if so they are usually atleast like $10 000 (NZD) more, and I'd like to put a 2JZ-GTE engine in and slowly like do it up to like 500+ HP, the transplant should easily fit as 1JZ and 2JZ are similar? but still I've never done it and I don't have friends that know how, I'm of liKe ECU's and other crap like that, that i don't know too much about,, I know it comes with a 1JZ engine in most of them but doesn't seem to be as much parts for the 1JZ engines .. but I don't know how to do half this stuff...

Any help would be great.

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well the third paragraph needs some work so I can understand what you are asking but based on the first statement I would say you are way out of your depth and should start with a smaller cheaper car to learn the skills on, if you have never done a straight like for like engine swap then doing a swap of different engines is going to be very tough. Swappying auto to manual is going to be an issue for you too as you will need to fit all the clutch pedal assembly.

The best advice I can give you is start on a cheap car, pick a ford or something where the model range goes from 1.3 to 2.0 and see if you can turn a 1.3 into a 2.0 with all the brake and suspensions upgrades that you will need to do. because you will need to think about boosting suspension, braking etc etc if you convert a soarer to 500+bhp, those that dont end up with a 500+ bhp Coffin.

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