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Anybody Here In To House Music?


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If you're into house, Hed Kandi and all that "Twisted Disco" type stuff and you have a minute, I'd really appreciate it if you could take a moment to have a listen to my remix of "Drowsy With Hope" by Shakedown. I've only done 16 bars so don't expect too much, but I always like to ask as many people as possible if they think I'm along the right lines before I continue. Strictly speaking I shouldn't, but what the hell! Link is here:


Cheers in advance!

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Going to slinky in two weeks, first bit of clubbing for 2004 :D

Gonna completely cyber kid it hardcore this time. Just for a dare i've bought over 100 glow sticks and im gonna try to attatch them ALL to my body somehow. Dunno.... :wacko:

Just downloading youe mp3 now.


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