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Gti Stuck Handbrake


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The hand brake on my gti has stuck as they inevitably seen to do. Does anyone no of a good guide for getting this fixed?

Any help would be much appreciated.

Thanks Lachlan

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if its the cables try WD40 it MAy free them, the same may work for the calliper, spry on, leave for an hour and then use grips to move the arm back and forth until free. dosnt always work and you may need a replacement calliper(s)

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As a side note what conditon are your rear discs and pads in?

Reason I ask is from my own experiance the rear pads when 3/4's worn down tend to give rear brake probs. In other words you can never get the full life out of a rear set of pads (although 40,000+ is easy obtainable from rear pads anyway).

Whether the caliper starts to be able to 'not pull' when pads are quite down I don't know for sure it just seems to be a quirk when pads are getting thin.

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