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Overheating And Bubbles.....


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hey guys, sory if this isit in the right place, but i need some help please.

i drive a conquest with a 3sgte motor, but i have n problem with the temp, it stays cool if i just cruse around but when i put pedal to the metal it just get warm and dosnt go down....

and when i through in water there are continiously bubbles.......

can someone please tell me what is going on???

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Sounds like a head gasket problem to me!


I'm not very technically inclined, so was afraid to post my opinion.

I would agree, from bitter experience (not with my Toyota, touch wood)

Nasty & expensive :(

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Sounds like a head gasket but would need more evidence, is all ok with the water system, pump running fine and no leeks? Thermostat functioning?

When the head gasket goes there is usually a leek between the combustion side and the water side of the engine or the combustion side to the oil side or both.

Are you getting any oily bubbles in the water, does the water get back into the combustion side of the engine when cold. Usually you can tell where there is a lot of steam when the engine starts from cold. Do you have a compression guage?, if so you can do a compression test, looking for uneven compression.

If any of the tests are positive it looks like the gasket will have to be changed, you might not be able to tell and have to take the cyl head off for an examination. There is always the chance the cyl head could be cracked or warped and needs replaced.

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if its the late spec engine a cracked block is also possible.

if its the earlier lump then head gasket. when you start the car from cold let it run for a little while and then check the top radiator hose for pressure, if the hose is hard then head gasket is most likely

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