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Toyota Engine Fires


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I bought a brand new Toyota Sienna minivan in 2001. I know mini vans aren't exciting, but with a family wtih three children we needed the most reliable, safe van we could buy. We invested in Toyota because from our previous experience we knew this was the only minivan we would have to buy. However, on July 20, 2008 my minivan burst into flames after nothing more than a stop at an intersection. As I came to a complete stop, the cd player spit out the cd, the dashboard lights flickered on and off and the radio cut in and out. Then the engine cut off. A passerby stopped and offerd to help. He asked if I would open the hood, when we did- flames were shooting out of the engine area! We called 911 and tried to smother the fire with a towel, however, the fire was not going out and we had to move a way for safety's sake. Within 5 minutes the entire engine and cab was engulfed in flames. This car was maintained according to Toyota's suggested schedule and we had never experienced any mechanical problems.

Unfortunately, Toyota, the company we believed was reliable and took pride in treating their customer well, claim that this is a "fluke" and because there hasn't been a recall have no fault in the matter! I am sure that a large company like Toyota, which again, says their customers matter wouldn't even feel it if they replaced our "fluke' of a van with a similar model!

Shame on Toyota for not standing by their product. Has anybody else experienced this?

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Until you know the cause of the fire I wouldn’t think it would be fair to blame Toyota. Have there been any modifications in the engine bay? Alarms/horns/immobilisers etc? Or aftermarket radios/CD etc

There are so many different reasons for a fire starting, until then its called 'Car insurance'... Fire & Theft :thumbsup:

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During my many years as a fireman I fought countless car fires and frequently could not find a cause :huh: All cars can catch fire from the cheapest Japanese model to the likes of a Mercedes or a Rolls Royce.... they all burn :yes:

Don't blame Toyota for what happened until you have an engineer check it out on your behalf. You have insurance so use it, that is what the policy is for and why we have to have them. You bought the insurance so make a claim and get a replacement car that way :blink:

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