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Define Classic


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What exactly qualifies a car as a Classic on this forum ?

I have a Corolla Executive 16 valve GL, 1991. This particular model was only produced from 88 to 93. They are now fairly rare & getting more so. There was a post in Corolla forum, a couple of months ago, enquiring whether anyone else had one, as the Poster had never seen one mentioned on the site. About 5 of us replied.

These were never sold here (Ireland). My 1st had been brought in from N.Ireland, & I brought my current one in from the UK. From the VIN NO. mine was manufactured in Japan.

I ask, because I have seen posts about cars of the same vintage as mine & younger on this forum. :thumbsup:

I am also a member of Toyota Enthusiasts Club & it never gets a mention there, either. I admit that I haven't logged on for ages.

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It's hard to define in my opinion.

Some people go by the age of the car - regardless of condition and rarity etc, some by the car itself.

I'd say that the Mk1 MR2 is a classic Toyota, so is the Sera - but both for completely different reasons. One being an internationally sold, fairly common car and one a JDM only limited production run rarity.

The best way to answer this for you is to suggest you start a poll entitled 'Is this car a classic?'. Post a pic of your car and only give the options Yes and No. This way you'll find out whether this forum classes your car as a classic or not !!

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