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Hi guys,

Recently developed a knocking from the drivers side front wheel, and yes 1 of the suspension arms is knackered. :angry:

This may be a daft question but do you have to replace the whole arm? If its just the bushes/ball joints in the ends of the arms can't you just replace those? :huh: As actual arms looks in good nick, and would be much cheaper???

I still fairly new to GT4 and this my 1st experience with superstrut suspension, *****! the parts are expensive.

Any advice welcome before I spend a months wages on parts and labour.


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Unfortunately no one does a replacement balljoint kit for these parts, and in my experience replacement ball joints tend to be of inferior quality due to the sockets stretching during the removal/replacement of the ball anyway.

For a new front arm and fig8 your looking at around £300 + fitting if you don't do it yourself. Ideally you should replace both at the same time as fitting one new part to an old part will cause increased wear making the new part fail quicker.

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Thought not but just wanted to check.

Will probs have a go at it myself.

Cool, Cheapest place for parts seems to be WhifBitz but he orders direct from Japan so usually around 3 weeks delivery, next best bet is Trevor at TCB Parts.

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good luck with changing them, we use a snap-on ball joint splitter at TR&D, we need to replace the threaded screw after changing about 4-5 lower arms.

its not impossible but you do need to take care if you do them your self.

getting the strut of the fig 8 isnt hard, a few blows with a 4lb hammer on the strut where it connects to the fig 8 usually works.

the hard part is spliting the joint where it connects to the hub tits very very very tight!

if you need to do the drivers side you will need to knock in the rear part of the sump so the lower arm bolt will come out, this is safe to do as it isnt near the oil pick up.

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eBay is the best place to buy superstrut parts, lower arms = about £190 each delivered. and if you jack up the engine on the drivers side, it allows the bolt to be removed without damaging the sump.

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loosening the sub frame bolts allows the bolt to be removed also.

it took me about an hour to change mine with the figure of 8 . use the correct torque on assembly also otherwise life of the ball joints is reduced , final tightening up should be done with the cars weight on the wheels on the ground.

you will need a big hammer and new skin for your hands to do this job for the 1st time.

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