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Handbrake Problem Gen 6


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Hi All,

Had very few problems in the 5 or so years of Gen 6 ownership but this one is baffling me.

For the last MOT I needed new rear discs and pads and so with the discs being a combined handbrake drum I also bought shoes. After putting this all together and bedding in the shoes the handbrake works fine in forward but nowhere near as good in reverse...what have I done wrong?

All help appreciated.






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could be you put the left hand side shoes on the righthand side of the car , visa versa , leading edge of handbrake shoe usually sits on the right with leading edge to the bottom. leading edge being slightly thicker hope this helps ?

you did back off the handbrake cable at the handbrake didnt you?? before fitting shoes .

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Hi, I dont think u can put the shoes on the wrong way round due to the handbrake cable attachment. I have had a bit of hassle with mine too, and i think it is to do with the lack of locating lugs at the bottom of the handbrake shoes, they sort of free float.

This allows an amount of movement from the shoes inside the drum. I had to manually adjust mine from the drum through that silly hole to get them just right. I think I was getting what you describe when too slack and binding and squeekng when too tight. Took me too many tinkerins to get it right, wheels on and off all the time it was a right bother.

I have just got new rear disks to fit and expect to have the same all over again..

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Thank you both for your replies, I will investigate further.



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