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How / Where To Fit A Clock


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The one thing I really miss is a clock. Yes I know there is one in the trip computer, but it disappears if you put up another function and even when its selected it goes off when you stop the engine and the driver is the only one in the car that can see it.

What I want is a clock that’s always readable by everybody in the car. I would prefer an analogue one but a digital LCD one is also OK. I know you can buy stick-on ones everywhere but these are not illuminated when the lights are on and I want it to look good as well.

I have in fact found an analogue clock, with a silver dial, red hands and blue illumination, but it is 52mm round and about 50 mm deep. But where to mount it? Behind the gear leaver on the silver panel under the heater is a possibility but I don’t know if there is enough clearance behind it and you have to strip the dash to mount it. Also I think the panel is not high enough to accommodate the 52mm hole, it will probably break when you refit the panel, I am not prepared to rik it. A smaller clock might be the answer but I cannot find one.

Another possibility is a digital clock on the panel by the rear view mirror, where the lights are, but again I have not found a suitable clock.

Has anybody fitted a clock, or have some ideas if so please let me know.

If anybody has seen a clock that might be suitable for this, from another car perhaps, again please let me know

Thanks for any suggestions,



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Now that the Verso forum has a bigger audience, perhaps one of you Corolla owners has a suggestion for me?

Thanks and regards,


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maybe replace one of the airvents with a clock?

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As a lot of us aren't overly familiar with the cabin of a verso, did you want to post up a pic of the dash and surrounding areas and we can see if we can come up with something. Maybe even a pic of the clock you like and some clever sould could photochop it onto the dash in various places.

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