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The Best Oil For A Yaris T Sport


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Can anybody recommend a good engine oil for my Yaris T Sport. I've only had the car a short while, so I don't even know the type of oil it needs or anything, but want to make sure it stays topped up.

Would appreciate any recommendations/advice!

Thanks. :)

ps. Has anyone noticed the paint job on the T Sport wheels is a bit dodgy? I'm told it's a common flaw for Toyotas and even the Lexus brand. My freind's dad has a GS300 Lexus, and sure enough the wheels are flaking and corroding just like I've seen on the Yaris. I'm tempted to jus get them redone, as I'm worried the primer underneath will get damaged.

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im currently using Castrol magnetec 10-40 which apparently offers pretty good protection from when you turn the key, although i think its only part synthetic and the stuff isnt cheap.


next service i will be using Castrol edge sport 10-60, its quite expensive but not really an area i want to skimp on... and is designed for engines pushed hard.


as for the wheels, youre right as its a very common, most people have them refurbed, which i will be considering as my paint is flaking of them, mines an 04 p2 tsport.

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The best oil in general is fully synthetic, any brand will do really as long as it is geniune fully synthetic.

I have always used fully synthetic in all my cars. The t-sport, and vvt-i in general, are best with a 5w-30 or 5w-40.

I wouldn't use the edge sport 10w-60, I used to use that in my impreza wrx and it is for really high-power and turbo charged engines. It is unescessary and too thick for use in the yaris engines.

Just my opinions


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When I had my Nissan 350Z I bought Motul 300W, I think it was 5w-40, from Opie Oils.... get in touch with Guy and he should quote you a decent price :thumbsup:

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Any good brand 5/30 semi synthetic will be fine. You do not need to go fully synthetic unless you want to spend more than you need to!

Kingo :thumbsup:

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higher the number the thicker the oil? ie

10w/40 is thicker than 5w/30?

I believe that's correct. Used to own ford zetec engines and they always needed 5w/30. Yaris t-sport is the same.

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I dislike buying oil and paying twice the normal retail price.

So I do not buy from Halfords.

My local Motor factors are good. As also are German, Swedish and French GSF who do a nice line in semi and fully synthetic oils ..

eg semi synthetic: I have a price limit of £17 per 5/4 litres. Anything above that and you are being robbed..

As for Halfords, their profits are doing very nicely. Even supermarkets are cheaper...

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