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Tsport/compressor Tuning


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Hi GUys,

Some of you might have viewed my old post about mounting an intercooler and thanks to 215_compressor iv managed to find a suitable company which some of you may know of and heard of before

Silverstone performance www.silverstoneperformance.co.uk

As you can see from their website to they have modified a normal sport and a mr2

After calling them this morning with regards to mounting an intercooler for my compressor.. they were very helpful and informative

Matt who i spoke to mentioned that fitting just the intercooler would cost £900 with minimal performance gains unless driven on a very hot day which you would predict.

they mentioned that if you were intending to spend that much money on the intercooler for £2000 (stage2 setup) they would fit an Uni-chip piggy mapped and dynod the intercooler setup and new aluminium pulley. obviously the 2g is inclusive of materials

Now given that i already have a few mods done to my compressor the map would obviously be custom to what i already have ie my exhaust and induction kit. However for an extra £150 they will supply an induction kit.

Now performance gains would be as follows for a stock compressor with no mods after the stage 2 setup. 35bhp gains and around 30 extra pounds of torque which is a considerable amount! this would take a normal compressor to about 250bhp roughly and nearly 200lb of torque. (bye bye type r)

Some may not agree with the cost esp that its 2k for an extra 35 ponnies..but do rem that it is done by the professionals and altho they have no guarantees of satisfaction (which is under stable given other contributing factor) they do work very closely with the Toyota Motor Sport Division to ensure that the mods they carry out do not compromise the reliability the engine

I forgot to find out how much the supercharge conversion would cost im afraid..im sure if you call up they would be happy to advise

I am definitely consider these mods funds permitting

hope this helps enthusiast like myself


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I was on there a while back and for a t sport charger conversion its between £4000-4500 giving the same 250bhp and 200ft lb of torque. Its alot of money though.

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That's really funny!

After I read your post about the intercooler I ended up having a look at their website. I sent an email to Matt this morning and asked about exactly the same stuff. He must've thought something weird was going on today!! :lol:

Tempting stuff though.

I looked at their website a year ago when I had Mk3 MR2 and loved what they were offering, 240 BHP in an MR2!

Couldn't quite justify the cost though, shame!

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