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Changing Dashboard Lights Colour


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I've tried to change the colour of the dashboard lights in my 2003 Avensis. I managed to undo the instrument cluster easily enough (just a few screws and pull it out) and then I looked at the back. I can't find any light bulbs at all. It all seems a single unit and I hesitate to try to pull it apart any farther until I'm sure of what I'm doing. :blink:

Has anyone attempted this yet? I've got a few pictures of the operation, and if anyone's interested I can post them. They might help to point out exactly where the unit comes apart.

I'm sure that I'm missing something, because surely Toyota made bulb replacement fairly easy for garages to do... :help:

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For posterity, if anyone finds this thread, the story continues in the General Discussions forum under the title Optitron Dashboard. If you have any comments, please make them in that thread.

I am determined to change the colour of my dashboard, so it will also feature in the workshop submissions once it's done.

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