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Sudden Clutch Failure & Brake Problems

Simon Overton

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Clutch on our 97 Celica GT evaporated without warning over the space of a couple of miles. Car has 59,000 on the clock and we have only had it a couple of weeks so rather annoyed. Do Celica clutches tend to go suddenly like this???

Also seem to have problem with the ABS as no light at all shows when the car is started- I believe it should come on and then go out- any advice?

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sounds like you have a leak my friend. check all the pipes from the clutch for holes or signs of leakage, if you cant see any check under the dash where the clutch pedal joins the master cylinder if its wet then the master cylinder has gone.

as for ABS not sure ,may be a bulb has blown if not Mr T will need to look at it

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Dealer has rung to tell me the clutch is totally fried- was very bad smell of burning. All the other cars I've ever had the clutch shows signs of slippage when it's on its way out. This one gave no warning at all which is why I was asking. Mr. T informs me a new clutch will cost mega bucks and our ford warranty is worthless as it is wear and tear. :-((((

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