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Platinum Mmt Courtesy Car...


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...is what I have for the day today. Its nice but I have noticed the tweeters in this model are different to mine and they seem to be less matched to the pillar cover as they make it bow out. Also the glove box lid comes open over bumps!!

The leather seats are awesome though and look lovely. The leather steering wheel also gives you the impression you are driving a much more refined car. It seems chunkier than the normal one.

MMT is as expected and I still wouldn't like one.

The new position of the large Speakers on the other hand give the standard sounds a lot more depth than I remember.

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eaow :) -Stew

I remember sitting in an aygo platinum when luke took his back for his service, the beefy steering wheel and leather seats are nice and all, but tbh it's no citroen c2 is it now :P

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