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One-touch Power Window Operated From The Centerconsole


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Yesterday I fitted a set of extra (red) illuminated switches to my one-touch power windows.

Now I can operate both of the one-touch power windows from the centerconsole.



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What modules did you use for the windows? Did you run the cabling from the door all the way to the centre or can you power the windows from an altenative place?

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I made an infopage about the standard installation of an one-touch module.

On the infopage you can read more about the one-touch module I used.

Link: click here

My technical buddy Jan | Murciélaygo also used those modules and he made a wiring diagram for the extra switches.


I took me a few hours to properly and neathly install the extra switches.

You have to take out the center console and cut two holes (20x36mm) for the switches.

I made some new wiring for the new switches and those wires are going to the both doors.

The one-touch power windows can now be operated with the standard switches and also with the new center console switches.

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And Murciélaygo, that's me on other forums...

The diagram above only has ONE extra switch, to control the passenger window from the drivers side.

What REFZ did was take the extra diodes you see on the right and insert them into the wires on the left too.

I happen to be doing something similar on my car too, so when I'm finished I'll make up a new diagram

for two modules with two extra switches. If you just want dual controls without the One Touch modules;

that's what I had before this setup, and I have a diagram for that TOO:


Dual control involves two SPDT relays in the passenger door instead of the One Touch module.

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Thats great thankyou for these diagrams. Very well laid out aswell.

Did you just install the diodes in-line or did you integrate it into the module?

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I installed the Diodes in-line, since the module only has 6 connections;

to integrate them you'd have to have 8 connections;

power, ground, 2 motor-wires and both up and down commands twice...

I just soldered them in between the wires, then covered everything up with heat shrink tubing.

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