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I have just ordered my OZ Superturismo 15" (see earlier post) and have some questions about tyresizes.

I want to buy the 195/45 R15 but I'm a little bit afraid that I will feel every bump in the road.

Anyone driving with the 195/45 tyres? How does it feel? Does it change the comfort very much negative?

Is it possible to use 195/50 or will that wont go with the wheelarch?

Or maybe 185/55? Or will that also not work?

Please help..

- Joel

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Yes, you will feel every bump in the road.

Comfort = negative, handling = positive, looks = positive.

Yes, it's possible to use 195/50 but that will scrue up the spedometer and the ODO. The best fit is 195/45 R15, it's ~ the same diameter as stock.

Conclusion: use 195/45 R15. Many have it. Everybody is happy with it, and so will you :)

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The only other option that retains the standard rolling circumference is a 175/50 R15 but as far as I am aware only two tyre companies produce a tyre that size

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