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Replacing Brake Pads


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Can anyone advise on the correct way of replacing the front brake pads? I have changed brake pads before on many different cars, but not on a car with ABS.

I am fairly sure you can't just push the pistons back into thir cylinders as this would cause damage to the delicate ABS valve.

Am I right in thinking that you have to undo the bleed nipple on the calipers before pushing the pistons back?

Thanks for any advice.

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Hi there.

This thread is very useful.


I had added this:-

Hi There.

Great guide. Exactly how I would have done it until recently......

When It comes to pushing back the piston to make space for the new thicker pads,


Slacken the bleed screw and then push the piston back allowing the brake fluid to come out

rather than to be pushed back through the master cylinder into the reservoir.

Then, top up the brake fluid reservoir with new fluid.


The rush of fluid can invert or fold back the lips of the rubber seal on the piston

in the master cylinder thus losing its ability to work.

Check out on Google, "Master Cylinder seal inversion" or similar.

My brother-in-law found this ou the hard way. Changed his pads

in the usual fashion then...... no pedal.

Ended up with a new master cylinder for £150.00 on his Passat as you cant remove the

piston arrangement as it is all sealed in in the factory.

I'm not sure at all how it would affect the ABS but better safe than sorry.

Much better to spend a few quid on brake fluid than gamble on a trip to Toyota

to sort anything out.

Hope this is useful information.


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Have you tried Kwik-Fit ?

I found a while back that on some jobs they actually work out cheaper than DIY !

I needed rear shocks on a car a while back and it was cheaper to get them to fit them than it was for me to buy the parts and fit myself.

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