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Hi i have a 1997 3 door rav 4

do i have a front diff or tranfer box which has seperate oil from the gear box.

i know i have changed the rear diff oil, gear box oil and engine oil but is there any other oil i need or can change.

also how difficult is it to change a inner cv boot


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Is there anyone here actually technically minded

Yes plenty but they are probably at work.

They will be along in a while. :thumbsup:

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The RAV4 Mk1 expert is nocturnal - so may have to wait until the wee small hours for him - others may be along before hand ;)

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Mr Billy - sorry - was away today fixing a forlorn 95 RAV which had fallen out with its immobiliser. Immense illogical research; and pulling the dashboard apart solved the starting problem and removed the offending immobiliser.

On the way back, I encountered some trouble with my front brakes which were upgraded just a few months ago. The afternoon was spent investigating the problem and we seem to have narrowed it down to a failure of the discs braking surface - what seems a very unusual cracking of the surface on one side of each disc. Gutted by this, I had to calm myself with a medium hot curry, washed down with Irn Bru.

I lent my workshop manual out a few weeks ago and so cannot check that for you..... and I can't remember the set up of the transmission as I've never really had to work on that. I'll ask at the garage tomorrow. The inner cv joint seems an unusual failure - mine have done 172,000 and still ok. I'd guess the replacement job would mean removing the hub then driveshaft - should be pretty straightforward.

There must be a front box as its 4 wheel drive unless you have a 2 wheel drive oddity?

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I can summarise as follows but you will have to wait until either Friday night or Saturday morning for representative diagrams;

Remove the CV nut before raising the car

Raise the car and remove the wheel

Detach the caliper and suspend it with wire from the road spring

Detach the bottom ball joint then use a soft (brass or copper drift to knock the end of the CV joint through the hub. You cab usaully do this with the track rod still connected but if it restricts movement detach it.

Drain the gearbox oil and prize the inner joint out of the transmission with a large screwdriver or similar tool.

Working with the driveshaft on the bench;

Cut the CV clip and pull it back from the inner joint

Use circlip pliers to remove the circlip and tripod universal joint

Remove the old boot and clean all the parts.

Fit the new boot and fill it with CV boot grease (special grease available from decent motor stockists)

Refit the tripod and circlip and pack with CV grease

Pull the boot into position and fit the clips

Meticulously clean the inner joint, apply a thin film of clean oil to the seal face and carefully insert it into the transmission. You need to feel it click when the spring clip engages the diff (fully home) - give it a good wriggle!

Apply a thin film of oil to the outer CV joint and insert it back into the hub

Run the nut up but don't attempt to tighten it yet

Refit the other joints to the hub

Refit the caliper and the road wheel and lower the car

Finally tighten the CV joint nut and pien it over

Refil the gearbox oil to level


CV nut 159 lb/ft

Lower ball joint 98 lb/ft

Track rod end 36 lb/ft

I hope this helps for now.

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