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2004 Drift Calendar


Monday 19th January - North Weald Drift Pratice

Monday 16th Febuary - North Weald Drift Practice

Sunday 14th March - 1st Practice session. - Silverstone Carparks.

Monday 22 March - North Weald Drift Practice

Saturday 11th April - 1st Round Competition. - Silverstone Circuit.

Sunday 23rd May - 2nd Round Competition. - Silverstone Circuit.

Saturday 5th June - 2nd Practice session. - Silverstone Carparks.

Saturday 17th July- 3rd Round Competition. - Silverstone Circuit.

Sunday 22nd August - 4th Round Competition. - Silverstone Circuit.

Sunday 19th September - 3rd Practice session. - Silverstone Carparks.

Sunday 3rd October - D1 FINAL 2004. - Silverstone Circuit.

Additional Info

As u can see, all dates so far are held at Silverstone, the competitions will be held on the same section of curcuit as last year, and the practice events will be held in 1 or more of Silverstones massive carparks.

Practice days will now cost £60 per person and spectating at these events will be free.

Competition days will cost £75 in advance or £100 on the day and spectators will be charged £10 per person.

Drivers on practice days will need a helmet.

On competition days drivers will need a helmet and race suit, neither of which need to be fire proof or FIA approved.

Edit to clarify the need for suits:

Re race suits:

We have agreed with Silverstone that FIA approved suits are not necessary, now or in the future, as long as the clothing warn covers any exposed body parts such as arms and legs. They said it still has to be a suit though because race suits of any quality offer much more protection than a shirt would against broken glass even bruising as the suits are padded a little. You don't need gloves and boots though so its

just a suit and a helmet for competition days and just a helmet and long sleeved shirt for the practice days. People are less likely to roll the car at a practice event as there are no gravel traps to go into sideways at 70mph....

I have just been told by Kiki that Sony would like to place one of there big playstation dome things on site during our competition events which should keep the spectators happy.

As you can see, apparently the price to enter the competitions has gone down by £20, which I think is excellent news..

Simon :thumbsup::thumbsup:

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