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Rev 2 Mr2 Turbo


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Hi all,

Been hiding in various parts of the country over the last couple of months, hence no posts from me.. Had to re-register as well which confused me..?? Ah Well...

Anyways as the thread topic suggests I am selling my beloved MR2 Turbo... To bank the money to save for a TT Supra...

The car in question is as follows:

1992 - J Rev 2 MR2 GT Turbo (non t-bar)

Taxed & Mot'd May 04

Imported Mar/Apr 03 (I'm 1st UK owner)

Warranty May 04

Only 86,000 kms

Immaculate Red Paint

Suede/Leather Interior


Usual Electrics



Mongoose Full System

Blitz SUS Induction

Denso Iridiums

This car has been treated to the best oils and service items I could source, and as a result she runs like a dream.. I replaced the tyres (Pilots on the front, Eagle F1's on the rear) during the summer just after purchasing the car.. All of which have loads of tread on them.. I cant emphisise how well this car runs...

The car remains limited to its factory 180kmh.. I have a de-limiter available.. Also have a FCD which has yet to be fitted...

The car was Rolling Road Tuned @: Abbey Motorsport in November, and produced 213bhp ATW and 209lb/ft torque...

Serious offers in the region of £4650 please...

email: rodders1806@hotmail.com


PM me for contact details/pics.


Ross. :thumbsup:

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  • 2 weeks later...

Still got her, thought a sale was on bloke came took it for a spin loved it paid a deposit shook hands on a deal and now says he cant insure it.. :censor: :censor:

Ah well, money in my pocket..

So anybody interested, I'll listen to your offers, am puting it in the AutoTrader next week so will like to have something arranged before then..

Cheers folks.


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