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N Reg Carina E Cd Problem


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Hi there

TL;DR version: We've replaced the Battery on a previously working Carina E and now we have a Carina E which won't start and blasts the alarm at us when we try to use it. Reading previous threads, it looks like the key fob is required, but it kinda got chucked years ago when it seemed obvious it would never be needed. What are the options?

Long Version:

As I mentioned in the title, we've got a N reg Carina E, which has been solid as the proverbial. We recently garaged it, with a view to having it as a back-up car incase anyone in my family needed one (because we've had absolutely zero problems with it...until now).

It had been sitting for about a month and a half when we finally had use for it. First thing was that the central-locking wasn't working; no clunking of locks when the key awas turned. Then when the key was turned in the ignition, the dash lights lit dimly and the engine wouldn't start. We diagnosed as a dodgy Battery (which would make sense). So we got the jump leads out, and the engine started like a dream. We left it running for a bit, and drove it out. No problems at all, I believe (wasn't me driving).

Anyway, the driver drives to his mates house, where he promptly stops the engine. Won't start again. They get a new Battery for the car, and now the car won't even entertain the idea of starting, and just harasses us with the alarm. It seems like the Alarm needs sorting out with the Key Fob (based on what I can gather from the threads here), but we chucked that years ago because it didn't seem to do anything (it never worked).

Do we need to get a new ECU etc? Can we use a Key Fob from another Carina? (We know 2 or 3 people with same vintage models) Can we just disable the immobiliser?

If it's going to cost £400 odd to have it fixed, it becomes uneconomical. We had absolutely zero problems with the car up until this (we actually as a family bought another carina and an avensis based on the experience, both running fine still) so it seems like a particularly stupid way to have to lose the car.

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