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Anyone Know What My Wheels Will Fit?


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Hi, i recently bought some wheels for my car (not a toyota i'm afraid) and they don't fit. I took them to wheel shop that said they were probably off a toyota, but wasn't sure.

Anyway to the point i thought i would come on here and see if anyone would be able to help me identify what they fit.

They are 17 inch wheels, 245/45 on the the back and 225/46 on the front.

5x100 stud and the centre bore is 5.5cm across.

Any help provided would be much appreciated as the wheels don't fit my car and cost me quite a lot.

Thanks in advance.

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Is the Offset stamped on the inside of the alloys?

Could be loads of different Cars, Audi S3 or TT, Impreza, Golf Mk4, MGZT.

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It has 8Jx17 on the inside, is that it?


No thats the width and the diameter of the wheel, the I think the offset figure usually start with 'ET' before it. For example on my car the OEM wheel is labelled at the back Ronal 7Jx16 ET45. Posting a picture I think would help more. Why won't it fit? If the centre bore is too big on the wheel you might be able to use spigot rings if its too small then probably forget it. Any other reason why they don't fit then there are ways around it i.e. adaptors, spacers, wobble bolts etc. but they cost money and cause other issues. What car do you have? Good luck.

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Not quite sure why they don't fit, most Toyota's are (if not all) 5x100 and 225/45x17 with an ET of 35 sound ok, though might be a touch wide, (protruding) but should fit. What are you fitting them onto?

Cheers, Bill.

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The wheels you have are a common enough size. will fit 5x100 vw passats, 00 shape, vw golf late mk3(i think) and mk4, bora polo.

5 stud celica/avensis,

seat leon, and <02 seats 5 stud.

5 stud ,<02 skoda etc

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