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My Celica T-sport Photos & Questions


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Hi people,

just got myself a Celica T-Sport in gunmetal grey (2003) with 31k on the clock. Ive moved from a Pug 206 GTi (140BHP) and love the extra power. You can really feel the power kick in after 6000 revs as if it has a turbo (am i right in thinking they dont have turbos?). Still cant get used to having a 6th gear. Overall i think its a fantastic car.

I just have a couple of questions: 1) Ive just been back to the garage as the engine started makeing a squeaking noise. The guy told me its a COMMON fault that due to the cold and water the belt starts squeaking and that theres no solution. Is this correct? He did put some tac powder on the belt and the noise is gone. But he did dsay it was a temp fix. Is it ture it cant be sorted and that its a common fault (Something to do with the V-Shape belts)?

2) Im getting some new plates put on, does anyone know where i can get some plate holders so i dont need to drill holes into the plates. Or is it best just sticking them on? The current ones are stuck on but its seems VERY easy to just rip off esp the front.

Anyway here are some pics:




Any help or hints or tips would be great.


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She does not have a Turbo! She has "Lift" instead :yahoo:

The 6th gear is hardly worth it as its so close in ratio to 5th, the revs only drop by 200 RPM when travelling at the same speed!

The squeaking (if at low speeds when pulling away) will be the auxiliary belt tensioner, it is a common issue and can be resolved by replacing all the parts, however its £300 job (ish). It doesn't cause any problems its just annoying.

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Thanks for the comments

armoredfist2002: Cheers for the info. Do you think Evans Halshaw will change the belt under warranty?

cabcurtains: The "lift" is amazing, absolutely love the car. Not sure i will ever use the 6th gear, doesnt seem to be much point and it aways feels its reverse gear as that is where my reverse gear was on my 206.

Speaking of reverse gear, why does it BEEP??? i thought it had rear parking sensors at first!

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Belt should be covered under warranty, I checked with the bloke I know in toyota and he said if it goes in the twelve months warranty, they will replace it no problem, as long as it's a toyota warranty and not a black horse warranty.

It beeps to let you know you have selected reverse as the reverse is so close to first gear, it's easy to put it into reverse rather than first.

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evans halshaw warranties are crap compared to the toyota warranty

i had this issue with my old celica they wouldnt replace the belt and tensioners, they will try and wiggle there way out of it, if you have just got the car id go back and say you done research and this is a common fault and you want it rectifying

if u get 6 mths down the line with them i dont fancy your chances of getting the tensioner replaced under warranty

hope this helps

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  • 2 months later...

I bought my T Sport in July and also noticed once it started getting cold, that when i started the car first thing in the morning it made a screeching noise.

I took it back to the dealer as it was still under their warranty to check it out and they also said it was the Belt - they tightened the tensioner but the noise continued so i took it back, they said they may need to put a non Toyota belt on it but that was going to cost me near-on £100.

I worked out that the noise was similar to that of my wifes car when she over starts it (women!!) and asked them to check out the starter motor...

...apparently it was sticking when cold so they replaced it (last week) it's been perfect ever since.

It's been freezing the last few mornings and and i've not heard it once. :D

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