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Titanium Exhaust Question

Paul Gi

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I thought i'd post this up here so i can get maximum responses from everyone, namely those with their cars at some serious state of tune...

I know that their are companies who offer custom made exhausts (Powerflow, Exhausts UK, Freeflow etc) however the systems that they make are made from Stainless Steel...

What i was wondering was is there a company that makes custom made exhaust systems out of titanium? And if so where are the located and how can they be contacted?

Ta much

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There, are companies out there that will do it, but the bill will most probably run into thousands.

Not being funny, but is this for the Aygo???

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:eek::eek: at work we make aero engine parts from titanium, this stuff costs mega bucks and is very difficult

to machine. Dont know how it welds, but its a heat resistant alloy so no doubt that would be extortionate as well.

I would stick with stainless if I were you mate. :thumbsup:

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Karma Supra - Yes it is for my Aygo and it's mainly to find out about a custom back box only

Hou - the main reason i'm curious is the potential for further weight saving opportunities and prices

dave_m - i'll probably end up going down that route if all negative factors counter the pros (i.e. location, timescale etc)

Ok yes i know what everyone's thinking "What's the point? It's a 1.0l, it's a lightweight already and the hp gains will be minimal if there is any at all"

I'm just seeing what other options are available for the Aygo and also for other cars as well... When i got the Aygo, my main reason for getting it was the low kerbweight and that in itself brings loads of benefits (improved & responsive handling, better fuel economy, better performance etc)

I'm not deluding myself thinking "Aww yeah i'm gonna eat Supra's and Skyline's in my spare time" i just want to make it even more enjoyable to drive and i do believe the best way to go about that is weight loss before power increases...

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That price WAS just a backbox ;)

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Well ultimately it's personal opinion on whether you get one or not - i use the philosophy "you get what you pay for - pay peanuts, get monkeys"

Fair enough £1k is a bit excessive for just a backbox however i'd rather save up for quality rather than a cheapo alternative - most Stainless exhaust items i've seen have been of unsatisfactory quality and durability...

I'll email them and see what they say - i might be pleasantly surprised, i might have a cardiac arrest... Who knows? If you don't ask, you don't know/get

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