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Gearchange On Gen 7 Vvti


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I put up a post about this a few weeks back, but dont get on here often and cant find my original post to find replies!!

So, here was the post...

My father's 2001 vvti with 58k on the clock (after recent bottom end of engine replacement) has a fairly tight gearchange. Car has always been like it in his ownership (6 months), and he wondered if it was a common fault, and if there are any straighforward solutions?

Here's to hoping someone else finds the same on their vvti!


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On the 4 I've driven (owned 2 of them), all have had/got a solid gear change. You feel it go into gear, but you should be able to change gear easily using just 1 finger.

If you can't do that, then I'd say there is a problem. As it's done 58k, it will be due it's 60k service very soon, part of which involves both a clutch & gearbox oil change. That should improve things, as long as its just mild stiffness. If it's more than that, then it could be the gearbox or selector.

As I said though, the gears should feel solid while changing but easy as the same time.

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We had stiffness (snigger!) with our '04 Celica. It's most likely a dry joint at the base of the shaft.

Just remove the gear lever surround and squirt some WD40 around the nylon ball and socket at the base of the gear lever and give the lever a wiggle. Cured ours and the gearchange was silky smooth afterwards.

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same on my 140 tough gears but easy enough. my girlfriend always finds it difficult to change gear in compared to her volvo. (half the time she just aint put the clutch in enough thou lol) i seen a thread somewhere about tough gear changing something to do with the cable getting hot and expanding or somehting i think i saw it on celica club do a search on there

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