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Agh! Parking Sensor Problem!


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Agh today was driving along in a multi storey car park. which was a one way system and some numpty decided to reverse with a tow bar straight towards me! I left a distance of around half a car length in a multi storey, and he just didnt look in his mirror and was coming str8 into the back of my car.

I couldnt help but think that towbar is going to destroy my front bumper! i put the car in reverse str8 away to avoid a hit and what do i see behind me! a car and twack!

Before you all say OH NOOOOOOO. My car was near perfection so its fine! not a scratch but a slight little dent in the back bumper which can easily be pushed out barely noticable if you look at the car.

Unfortunately guy behind his peugeots number plate had dropped off!

Luckily didnt have to worry about anything the guy in the peugeot was real helpful as he saw everything that happened and took my side.

He didnt want to go through insurance as he had a few dings on his car and already had the car going in for repair. Plus the damage was only his number plate and scuff marks from my car which rubbed off there and then!

So no body damage to worry about however. My rear parking sensors are not working properly :( When i put the car in reverse they keep beeping.(Not talking about the reverse tone)

The sensors stay on continually when putting the car in reverse. I do not knw how to fix they seem visibly fine as there is no damage but they keep making a sound when in reverse and dont detect now from behind.

Any ideas what to do.??????

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I havent a clue you know! i was really happy when i clunked myn in reverse and they had them i fort woo! optional extra. lol i think they maybe or may not not tottaly sure.

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They're not standard, dealer fit price is about £350, or £100 ish (fitted) for a non toyota set :)

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