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Dvd Satnav - Information Please

Delilah 62

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(Previously posted in different part of forum by accident)

I bought my Prius new from the dealer at the beginning of this month and I was surprised that the Coulsdon By-pass was not in its mapping data. That road was opened in December 2006 - over 18 months ago!!

I've checked the serial numbers and they start 86271, and it would appear there are already 2 available from the Toyota website with a higher number.

Is it likely that someone at the dealership has helped themselves to a newer version, :angry2: or is it normal to be given old discs in a new car?

If anyone with a new Prius has the spare discs to hand, I'd be interested to know which version you were sold.

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These navigation disks are a bit of a dark art. No one appears to know much about them; certainly not the dealers. They appear to be updated annually.

If you bought a new Prius a couple of weeks ago, then you should certainly have the latest disk(s). (I've added the plural because for at least some series, the latest navigation updates are spread across several disks as Toyota/Lexus extend their mapping data across Europe. Note: you get all the disks in one set, you don't just get the disk that is relevant to you. For example, the current set for my Landcruiser Amazon comprises 4 disks: Europe West, Europe Central, Europe East and Europe North).

Your disk should show the date - something like 2007-2008 Ver 1. You can check what your current disk should be at http://www.toyota-mapupdates.eu/. If your's has been superceded, then I think it is reasonable that you should be given a free update. Trouble is, you yourself need to know what is current; your dealer is going to help you here.

As for your observation that a new road was not in the mapping data, I have found that it takes a few years for new roads to appear on these disks. Effectively, the new roads on each update have already been a few years in existence! This is something that you just have to put up with, although why you should considering the high cost of these disks (about GBP 125) does escape me.

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