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Front Shocks And Electric Window Mechanism


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I need the front shocks done on my car as the front passenger tire is showing the signs and I'm getting a rattle. My mechanic reckons it's a 3 - 4 hour job at 60 euros per hour plus the price of the shocks? Can anyone tell me how much the shocks might cost for a 97 carina E.

Also I need to replace the electric window mechanism on the driver side. Is it a difficult job or could I do it myself as I have found one for sale for 70 euros? Thanks for the help

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Thanks GT4 Booster.

I have been searching for information on shock absorbers and 3-4 hours seems like an awful long time? I found a youtube clip that suggests 10 minutes would remove and replace a shock absorber?

I don't know what the mechanic was at to be honest? Maybe a quick fit place would replace the 2 front shocks for around 200 euros all in?

Or better still, is this a job I could do myself? Take off the wheels at the front, raise the car, remove and replace the shocks and replace the wheels? Or should I leave it to an expert?

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Should be about twenty minutes, jack up the car support on axle stands, remove front road wheel.

Then undo the three top mounting bolts and the structure bar.

Next undo the brake pipe securing bolt (lots of wd40 required).

Then the two lower bolts, more wd! Then it should pop right out.

You will need a set of coil spring compressors and a vice (bound to be cheaper than 200 euros, cos thats ridiculous, i'd do it for a tenner!).

Remove the spring and then reverse procedure.

As for shock strut prices, i paid £35 for one strut which isn't too bad.

I have a haynes manuel that i can reference if you wish.

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Thanks Trev. I appreciate the reply. I was beginning to think that the mechanic was out of his mind, and you have confirmed it! Even if I leave it in to a kwik fit, I reckon it'd be much cheaper than he suggested? So I'll either have a go myself ot leave it in to a kwikfit or advance pitstop style place. Thanks again

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