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Wing Mirror Spiders


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Hi all

Strange request, but its been bugging me for a while

This year two spiders have taken up residence in both my wing mirrors. I've tried water, hair spray, wasp spray and constantly removing the web but to no avail.

Help !

What on earth kills the little horrors.

Even pointing the hose at the web does not remove it from where it sticks to the glass

Any suggestions ?



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not a strange request at all - happens to all of us.

One thing that's worked for me in the past is to get a blade of grass and gently twitch the web with it ( as if the web has trapped a fly ), when the spider comes out for a look, knock it onto the floor ( stamping optional ! ).

Most mirror spiders actually show themselves when the car is travelling at speed for some reason too. Open the window and knock it off the car in this instance, but don't forget to watch the road and be careful !

These 2 methods have worked for me over the years, but it's never too long before another one sets up home !

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How about just leaving the little fellas alone. They do no harm and I quite like having little friends on board. Although it's probably stretching it to think that they will count towards multiple occupancy when single occupancy cars are banned from some motorway lanes.

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I would use a big industrial power washer!! - you know the sort that can get rid of graffiti it's that strong... or you could maybe leave them, either or really. :D

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Fly Spray usually does the trick sprayed directly in to gap between the mirror and outer casing. Just remember to clean it off the outside areas afterwards though!

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I just leave them and let them get on with it. If there's two things I hate it's flies and moths and if any of them are caught by my car spiders then they earn their right to live in my wing mirrors.

The one's that freak me out are the spiders that swing about on their thread right between my eyes as I'm driving down the road.

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