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Ok how you guys doing.. Imma newbie but anyways.

Ok Im currently looking to sell my POS car and buy a Toyota why? because I have 4 close buddys that drive toyotas and their cars seem pretty damn nice. :ph34r: I am currently looking at purchasing a Paseo and I've seen the 4age 20V swaps in them and I could pick the engine up for $800cnd which is damn cheap.

What I wanna ask about is how hard is the swap and does the tranny bolt up to it?

If I blow anythong on the engine would I be able to use regular 4age parts eg: Headgaskets?

Has anybody done the swap and do they have any fead backs?

:blink: any help would be very much appriciated.

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4age swaps arnt as bad as the 3sgte swaps

unfortunatly from memory you need custom mounts made up -

also from memory the paseo tranny doesnt mate to the 4age.... authough i could be wrong.

search for member Kidturbostl - he's good at tech stuff when it comes to engines.


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ok, the problem with the 4age swap is that there are a couple of mod to be done, for instance youll have to get a custom built wirring hareness, youll have to run a corrola shifter, and lets just say that the weight of the engine will even out the power from the 5e. upgrading the 5e would probably the cheapest to fix up and better in the long run.

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Do a search on TercelOnline.com for 20VALVER , he has that engine in his car, email him and see if he can give you tips. James at JARCO told me that an auto trans corolla has the same cv ends as an auto tercel/paseo. But he couldn't say for manuals, at least that'd save you some time and aggrivation. I'm in process of doing a 3SGTE swap myself, and a guy on that board in miami has pics up of his 3SGTE/95Tercel.

Fair warning though, several of the people on that board are real jerksicon8.gif. Good luck.

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