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Carina E Window Winder Removal, Pasenger Door


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I need to get the door trim off my P reg Carina E to fix a water leak, rear passenger door

However... I haven't yet managed to get the window winder off so I can remove the door trim and fix the prob. Haynes says pull out the retaining spring with a bit of bent welding rod (which I haven't got) but I can't see this spring. Can anyone describe how to get this winder spring off?


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I use a strip of rag about 12" x 4". Twist it lengthways (4/5 times) to make a length of 'cord'.

Next, turn the window winder so that it is vertical with the handle downwards.

Hold the rag in a 'U' shape around the winder spindle, so that its between the handle and door trim, one end of the rag in your left hand, the other in your right.

Then, pull both ends upwards, in a left/right motion.

This should make the clip pop off. :thumbsup:

To replace, firstly place the clip on the recess on the winder, then push the winder onto the spindle - it will click when in position

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