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Hilux/surf Info Please!


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Hello peeps! my name is ricky, i am considering buying either a hilux truck or the surf variant. are there any important things i should look out for? i have wanted a hilux since oooh around 14 years old lol now is the time for me to get one as my personal circumstances have changed recently. i need a van for work and a cra to pick up my sons at the weekends but i cannot afford both so the hilux seems the logical choice.

what are the typical figures for fuel consumption?

what breaks?!

i am currently looking at hilux's around the 1996 age group........ help!!

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if your gonna have passengers then the logical choice is the surf.If you don,t mind having a crew cab pickup,then it,s what you personally prefer.i'd recommend the uk spec(4 runner) over the surf,as i beleive there are differences. not only is it easier to insure a uk spec,i've been led to understand that the turbos are slightly bigger,the crank is counter balanced,and various other bits and bobs. this is because cars are only allowed on the road for 5 years in Japan,regardless of condition.so they don't need to be as strong as ours.thats where all these imports come from...Jap scrap yards.not that there is any reason not to buy import,i did,and i would have been very pleased if i got the 3ltr rather than the 2.4(just did my head in knowing i could've had something even more powerful) hope this helps ol' chap. Gary

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97 vintage in surf form would make it a third gen, whch was never sold over here!

Pretty much indestructable, I had to replace a leaky sunroof but I think that was more down to idiot owners before me... 30 is mpg, I average about 23-25 on my daily commute, which is stationary for half the time...

Great truck! I miss it a lot!

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Hi Ricky, Gary's advice is sound, if you do go for an import surf definately try for the 3.0ltr over the 2.4, because the 3.0 has less foibles but mostly because the 2.4 has a history of overheating & going bang (I have a 2.4 but with a manual box - not sure if this is a fix for the over heat or if i'm just lucky so far), the only difference for the box choice is MPG vs how lazy your left leg is :D

the other thing to watch out for (regardless of engine size) is how good the rear window is, make sure it goes up & down on the key & the switch. general design fault IMO Mitsubushi got it right with the L200 animal truck - splt tailgate.

hope this helps.



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