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Centre Console Not Working


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Hi, Im in the UK, my 52 reg corolla T2 centre console has gone dark, its all pitch black when at night (can't see the 3 knobs for air vent, speed of air, cold & hot air), and the 2 air vents in the middle are not blowing as well, radio working fine though, thought it might be the fuse. any advice?


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When you got the car, was it working then, or did it just suddenly stop as of today, for example.

Does the fan speed work ok as well, or has that stopped working as well, what about the rest of the other functions as well near to them?

You said the middle air-vents aren't working as well, the one's either side of the H/U do you mean, are you sure you opened them fully?

I'm intrigued about the picture your showing of the centre console, as the H/U you got installed, if it is a UK T2, your H/U would look different to the one you have and the dashboard colour seems to be different as well.

This a pic of my H/U, the H/U on the dashboard is the original one that came with the car, and the H/U installed is one i put in a few years ago, looks a bit different to yours, note that both have vent controls just under the vents to open/close them.


I can tell you how to take it apart but i'm not sure if that will help, otherwise just check fuses and see if they are all ok.



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