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Aygo Platinum Mmt On Ebay


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There are so many 2008 MMT Platinum Aygos on eBay already.. no less than manual ones (which are much much more common).

Is it because people are disappointed with them, cannot use them? Or is that system just crap which doesn't work properly?


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By system do you mean the MMT gearbox? If so then it works perfectly imo, maybe because its new and not an old style auto box people dont like it.

I personally think it is great

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got both MMT in Agro and std Auto in Galant - cope with jumping out of Galant and into AYGO no problem. only thing not on the little one is the Cruise Control :ermm:

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Hi There.

My 2p worth.

The MMT is just a manual gearbox with conventional clutch

which is all controlled by actuators from a computer.

When driving, compared to a "normal" auto box, it feels strange.

From a passenger's point of view, it feels just like being driven in a manual.

It does feel strange when your foot stays in the same position on the accelerator

and the engine slows down, the gear is changed and "power" returns.

Give it a few days and perhaps manually change down when you are approaching

a steep hill and its fine. Just remember it isn't psychic and can't see hills coming.

It can't react untill the car is labouring. Apart from that, I admire the cleverness of it.


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