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direct car parts

TO21L69 Toyota yaris Lexus style tailight £189.99



Lexus Style Clear Rear Lights ( Not 'E' marked) £189.00 Pair



Blitz SUS Power LM Air filter induction System £160.00



Ultra - Toyota Yaris - Lexus-Style Rear Clusters £189.00


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think that u will find that they are NON UK LEGAL. All you need though is to add some reflectors to your number plate.

Only missing the reflector

I am keeping the original cluster on my car. Being black the red really looks good. Trying to keep the theme of black / red / silver. They stand out too much for my taste.

They look good on thunder grey though :thumbsup:

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the more i look at that picture, the more i think i am seeing a reflector... that means that are LEGAL

** EDIT TO SAY, Vmail, ask the seller the question.

I think that you will find that they are highly likely to be UK but always best to double check.

You still have a week to go on the auction. When bidding though, dont forget to include 13.95 to total (this is the P&P) I always make sure that i include this as i see it as the whole cost, so currently you are paying 93.94 for those clusters.

Always bear in mind the shipping costs, as you may not end up making any savings.... just a helpful tip for you there

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red middle is break.

left may be the reflector.

It has been a while since i have owned non TS and if memory serves, only one fog light and that was on right cluster.

So i am ASSUMING that the left red dot is the reflector.

But as Jaxx said, they may never have been legal.....oh well, if the saxo boys can get away with it :lol:

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one of them is a driving light and the other is the brake light

non ts use the bits closest to the boot a a fog and reverse light while they are redundant on ts as they are on the rear bumper

indicators are in same place on the top


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isnt the driving/brake light combined?


2x driving/brake

2x rear fog

2x reverse

2x indicator

is that the best setup?


2x driving/brake

1x rear fog

1x reverse

2x indicator.... i think?

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Dont worry - unless you have a new profile called Gary, your no longer winning.

If you are winning you can approach the seller and ask to retract your bid..... it may not go down too well, you will have a retraction against your buying/selling history that may make others wary of dealing with you in the future.

Only retract in EXTREME cases... if you do win, you can alwasy re-sell

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Hi, I was lead to belive the lights would be compatable with my car according to the seller (98 onwards), anyway the bid had now ended, and I am the highest bidder, how do I cancel it

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