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What To Look For In Ae82 Gti


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first off it is an AE82 aint it?

its the boxy shape 3 door FWD gt from about 1987 odd im on about!

anyhow, i know nothing about these cars (im a mk2 Golf 16v driver) but im always on the look out for a bargain (or something to play in) im a stickler for old hot hatches!

i know the usual stuff about what to look for when buying cars, but is there anything specific i should be looking for when buying one of these?

basically im going to see one tonight, £200, 90k mile on it - fella took it as a trade in and just wants rid of it.

Cheers for the help,


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AE82 GT Twincams (the one i have) were from '85 - 87. i think this is the one you mean, as you say "boxy" :D . the AE92 GTi-16 was from '87-92. it doesn't matter anyway, as they are basically the same car - AE82 is lighter, slighltly quicker, less refined.

look for rust everywhere. in particular, the windscreen surround, all arches, tailgate edge and below the rear screen, where the tailgate bolts on around the weld seam, front wings and where the floor meets the sills. mechanically they're faily unburstable, just the usual checks - cambelt, oil leaks etc. check it doesn't jump out of 2nd or 5th gear.

Most of all, let me know if you buy it!! :thumbsup:

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