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The 4efte Swap

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Ok we've covered this on & off loads but what are the facts?

I keep thinking about it but doubt I'll ever do it! Would it make more sense to buy a Glanza as a second car than attempt a conversion?

Regardless of this what are the costs involved in swapping the 4EFTE into a Paseo/Starlet/Corolla through someone like Fensport or JBMotorsport?

The Fensport site (here) says £1250 for the engine, £200 odd for an Intercooler, & £120 for an uprated fuel pump.

What about labour and other costs involved? :unsure:

Anyway thought this might clear things up a bit! Discuss! :D :thumbsup:

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Si you had to do it mate - that link from JBmotorsport linked to the 3sgte - you swine!!!! :lol: :P


he he! :P The old silver-top was it J? You know you want one!! :D

So what was your quote from Fensport for the 4EFTE/4AGE again?

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Can't speak from a Paseo POV, but from a Sera POV...

Installation - straightforward - same engine mounts means fitting is easy Used half of Starlet exhaust and then mated to Sera system somewhere near back along a straight bit of pipe

Electrics - easy. Had to move some sensors - eg exhaust temp probe had to be moved from under driver to front of engine bay - merely needed wires lengthening. Some wires had different terminals so those were pruned from Starlet donor car. Took roughly 2 hours

Had to run two wires to ECU. ECUs swapped over, Sera has 2 plug ECU. Manual Starlets have a 2 plug ECU,

Body - had to make a hybrid bonnet from Starlet and Sera. Hardest part. With a bit of messing about I suppose I could have relocated to front bumper, but I like my bonnet... :)

Fuel pump - same as Sera. Not sure about Paseo


I bought a slightly scruffy but sound 1991 60,000 km Starlet Turbo in Japan. Cost roughtly £ 1300 including VAT and shipping. I could test drive the car prior to ripping bits out. Found I had to change the clutch which saved time messing about later.

Mechanical conversion - roughly 15-20 hours

Bonnet conversion - not sure how long that took...

Afterwards - have donor Starlet to sell parts from and also sold on my old engine and gearbox to reduce total costs.

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Cheers Andrew! :thumbsup:

If I were to attempt it the car would have to go somewhere like a Fensport approved garage as I have no clue about stuff like that!

Anyone got any ideas about costs involved on the labour side?

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Our hourly rate is £ 35 + VAT. 20 hours at £ 35 = £ 700 plus VAT

The bonnet: You would either have fit a scoop to duct air in and through the top mounted i/c or fit a front mounted I/C. There may be more room on a Paseo to do this than on a Sera. The latter will mean less bodywork, but you would need custom piping and an intercooler.

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hi, just registered here. very informative site you guys have here :hokus-pokus:

i need some help. i'm not sure if im in the correct forum but any its about a 4efte. i believe that the 4efte is a dual mode turbo. now i just, had a 4efte swapped to my Corolla and the current boost reads 6psi. aside from using a boost controller, how can i switch the boost rating to the hi setting (9.5psi)?

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Your engine hasn't been installed properly...

There should be a switched earth going to the boost control plug on the ECU.


bypass the hi/lo solenoid - if you look at the hoses you can work out how to do this. I've done this on my car as I was having trouble with the solenoid

i'm sorry, i wasnt the one who personally installed the engine, and im not that technically inclined.

i tried to study the ECU wiring diagram i found at www.toyotaownersclub.com, i see pin 14 (VISV) and pin 15 (BCV). is the swtiched earth you're refereing to is that pin 15?

on your second suggestion, where on the engine can i find the hi/lo solenoid? doing this would the boost stay on HI?

im sorry for giving alot of questions. i do appriciate your replies. :yes:

thanks :thumbsup:

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The boost switch - one wire goes to earth on the chassis or body.

The other goes to pin 7 on the smaller plug of the ECU, marked "BC"

The boost solenoid - One wire goes to the sensor on the very end of the inlet manifold. The other wire goes to the ECU as well. The one marked VSV I think.

Do you have a hi/lo switch?

The solenoid is the item on the left side of the engine as you look under the bonnet. There are lots of small hoses leading to it and two wires.

If you bypass the solenoid completely then the engine will always be in hi mode.

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i saw the solenoid. two wires, two tubes. i tried to shut off the two tubes (took them out and sealed them temporarily), then my boost went down to 5psi. :wacko:

how exactly did you bypass the solenoid?...

and also heres some curious questions:

- how much boost do you get if the solenoid is bypassed?

- is that boost stable, or there's a chance that it may overboost?

- hows your setup right now, did you do the bypassing or you've got a switch?

please help... thanks! :help:

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A few months after I fitted my 4E-FTE engine, I noticed that the car wasn't going past the LO cut off in either High or Low boost modes all the time

I isolated the boost solenoid as this seemed the most likely problem. I haven't reverted back yet!

Its simple to do, you just need a piece of high pressure hose of the right size (a local rubber supplier may give you a free bit if you ask nicely) and bypass the solenoid. It should be clear from the attached photo... Apologies for it being out of focus slightly.

It shouldn't overboost as that is controlled by the wastegate actuator not the electronic boost solenoid.



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nice forum here guys :thumbsup:

i saw this thread and i have a same problem like bulletwithbutterflywings had before,right now im using my 4efte with by pass hoses to the boost solenoid, bulletwithbutterflywings help me to do this stuff :yes: anyway i just got my boost switch original came from starlet. i just want to confirm if i will just connect the greenwire with redline rounded by grey color to the pin #7 then the other wire goes to body ground whitewire with black line i think.do im correct?i just tap it o the pin #7? :help: tnx for the time guys.peace out :)

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