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Nos Install On A Hon-dah


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if it is ture (97% sure it is,why,because it's from the states(p.s. no offence to our american members)i honestly feel sorry for the guy/girl.

im sorry but i just don't see whats so funny about someone destroying their car,if you made a serious mistake trying to modify your car and loged on here looking for help and everyone just took the p**s,how would you feel???

and i dont mean any members here but on that fourm,they all seem to have a high and mighty attiude......

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Well I think hes having a laff. If the guy can afford an S2000 he can certainly afford a digicam to post pics. Seeing as he hasnt hes is no doubt talking anal projectile.

lol but I loved that 'right-wrong' engine bay pic. And that 'owned' pic. Was well funny :lol:

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I saw this yesterday.

I think it is a wind-up. Considering the picture that said NO, and he claimed, "yeah, thats where it is, NO for Nitrous Oxide...

To be honest, if your not sure what your doing, you should pay someone to do it for you that does know.

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:thumbsup::lol: Personally I'm 90% sure that it's a hoax. The guy persistently misunderstands, even with pics, and ignores any advice that is helpful & sensible.

If it's for real then it's still well funny and the money he spent on the car would be better spent on a brain transplant :P

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