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2001 Corolla 30 Miles Per Gallon On Highway?


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I just bought a 2001 LE corolla (65,000, auto) and love it compare to my old 95 tercel. The only thing I don't like is gallon milage - only 30 on highway (according to TOYOTA, it should be 39). I think the previous owner did a bad job - air filter is so dirty, and ....

The only thing I can think of is to change the fuel filter for the gallon milage. Is this difficult to change? If not, is there some online guide to do this?

Any other suggestions for this? Thanks.

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Have you checked the spark plugs and wires.

I know a fuel filter can stop a car from running, but I have a hard time thinking it will effect the gas milage much. The gas has to be making it's way through it for the motor to run. If the filter is dirty less fuel would go though....maybe making for better milage or poor responce.

I would check the plugs, if there not firing right then the car will not burn what gas is in there, making it need more gas to go the same distance.

Is the air right in the tires?

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Thanks for the suggestions. I will check spark plugs and PCV.

As for the O2 sensor, I need to get a scanner to scan the code, right? My old tercel had a O2 sensor problem, so my engine light is always on and I have a little bump once in a while (someone said the engine got too much gas, then misfire). I'd like fix that, but it's too much for O2 sensor ($175 each). That's one reason I want to get this corolla. Even I had this O2 sensor problem with my tercel, it still give me 40 (half local, half HW)!!!

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I did something for it during the weekend: changed spark plugs (I don't need to do the timing after that, right?). Autozone guy told me there's no PCV for 2001 corolla, so .... Also, got something to clean the engine and fuel system.

As for O2 sensor and wires, I really don't know how to check them.

I will report see if it helps later.

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