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Lowered Springs For Paseo

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Hey ppl,

i have a 96 seo and just recently added 16s B) and want to lower the car by 40mm - ne1 recommend me to where i can get hold of some? i have looked around on the net quite difficult to source for the seo :help:


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Hi mate, welcome to TOC.

I am in the process of buying some lowering springs for my 96 seo. Im going to buy Spax springs that drop the car 40mm. There are a couple of companies that do springs for the seo.

I think that there is another thread about seo springs. Check it out.

You wont have to worry bout arch work or anything as mine and many others on here have 17s and dropped so thats a bonus.

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Welcome to the site mate :thumbsup:

I put ROC springs on mine, a company called Lesjofors own the brand, any good motor factor can supply them if you give em those details and as long as they have an account with em. Had to import em from Sweden but it only took a couple of weeks :thumbsup:

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Intrax and Dropzone are two of the best names who make coilover springs for the seo. Dropzone also makes sport springs, which offer a stiffer suspension than the coilovers, but arent adjustable. I'm going with the Dropzone coilovers when I get the money.

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