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Should I Buy 2004 Rav4?


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Hi all, I just would like some feedback as to if your experiences have been good with Rav4s if any of you have one. I like the fact that the 2004s come with a heavy duty starter, Battery, alternator and heater which is good in cold climates.... and insofar as reliability, is Toyota as good as most say they are? Any thoughts would be appreciated...


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Anything toyota is impeccable. toyota engines are well known for going over the half-million mark. And the service depots are always freindly and willing to help. Parts are pricy though. I'd check the safety rating on the Rav, I saw one accident where a rav was hit dead on with a buick lesabre at full speed and the rav buckled in half pointing the back end straight up in the air, 5 died. this happened 2 weeks ago near gravenhurst, ON

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