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Miss T Sport

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as you may be aware i currently have a Front Upper TRD Strut brace.

I have found a company (that offers discounts to Gold Members - sign up if you want to make savings) that will do a front lower and a rear upper strut in steel.

The thing is though, they only list it for the 1.0 I did call them last year and asked if they would be suited for the 1.5.

They never got back to me on whether a 1.5 version is being released or if the 1.0 version will fit.

I am assuming that all the Yarii have the same Chassis and would expect the front lower and the rear upper to fit mine like a glove.

What is the general consensus from you guys n gals, do you think that it would work on my T Sport.

If the general opinion is yes, then i am gonna go for it and have 3 strut braces..... handling will be so sweeeeeeet after :drool:

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ive seen these meself miss t in various catalogues

im not sure if they will go on tho especially on the back beacsue the YTS always has different options when it comes to the back. ie in the case of the koni shocks you can get them for non ts and ts??? dunno if this makes any difference

also ya see springs specifically for ts and non-ts models???

id make sure for certain before ya get ya dough out


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