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The Quest For My Mr2 Part Ii:


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Right! After the mishaps of searching for my last car, which i couldnt get because it was just over 10 years old and my finance company cant ifnance cars above that age!

(btw ice_cool, you happened to be the lucky bugger who bought that car in the end!)

looked in the trader this mornin n saw this one

Its goodwood green, and admittedly it isnt my first choice in colour but I've grown to like it after seeing a few other mr2s this colour from the gallery,also my mate has a bmw 316 M reg the same colour and it looks very nice.

The only thing it didnt have that i wanted was A/C but since its got a t-bar roof i dont mind really!

The car has 100k miles on it, full service history,12 months mot and 6 months tax, 6 stack cd player (Wohooo!), unmarked leather and refurbished alloys for £4795

With this car i decided to get the finance sorted first instead of trekking 120 miles to see a car that i might not be able to buy.... i recieved a call from my finance company just now approving the car and theyre gonna get back to me with the terms of payment!!! Theyve also contacted the dealer to reserve the car for myself! So i'm 98% sure now that this car is mine, I know im running a risk with not seeing it but I can still say no to the dealer if theres something majorly wrong with it when i goto see it (definatley doesnt look that way!)

So fingers crossed I'll officially have an mr2 by the weekend! :hokus-pokus:

P.S. anyone else here have a goodwood green mr2? seems quite a rare colour!


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The goodwood green is quite a rare colour, and very nice in good sunlight, can look black in other lights, which isn't a bad thing really. Looks like quite a tidy motor, could do with some better photos. If your interested i have full un-opened brand new Mr2 Air con kit for sale, PM me if you are. Hope you manage to get it, and enjoy it!

Matt :thumbsup:

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