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Toc How It Will Be

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With reference to the recent “Toc Back To How It Once Was?” post.

Yes the club has branched out with forums getting more individual identities which will of course create a bit of a clique. But when you look at these forums they are tidier, less confusing and posts made are understandable on the whole.

The suggestion about needing dedicated meets co-ordinators is not a new one, requests for members who would be willing to take this position on have been made in the past with little or no response but as far as not having any this isn’t true, just recently the Scottish members have made a great effort to bring the club together by organising local meets and I was asked if Andi could be made the local co-ordinator, this doesn’t carry a salary or member benefits, just a little banner under the name and my extreme gratitude for doing something for the club that brings members together.

Regarding gold membership:

Is keenness for this to donate fees into the club, creating rewards and offers encouraging more members?

Restarting gold will require members to join and at the moment, if the effort needed to encourage greater participation in national events is anything to go by there will hardly be a massive following.

This isn’t to say it will never happen, it just requires a lot more general involvement.

Or-would the reason for wanting gold be to have an un-moderated forum where people can eff & blind, drift off topic or argue to their hearts content?

If this is the case then you need to join the fantasy forum that seems to exist where all this is possible, because it isn’t going to happen here.


Regarding moderation; as far as I’m concerned our moderating team have stopped doing what a moderator should do and that is to moderate!

They should, and will be doing this from now on without the fear of being branded power crazy or putting up with any derisory comments.

Any posts with a “Specific” subject that either drift off topic with unnecessary replies or comments, will either have the offending post removed or the topic will be closed, as will any that have content deliberately made unintelligible by text speak or other form of gobbledygook.

Should anyone find this not to their liking then they are more than welcome to join that fantasy forum that’s out there somewhere.

Any repercussions against the moderating team will be dealt with by an official warning followed by suspension or banning.

I am all for a healthy debate when relevant but this doesn’t mean every post should end up being a free for all with the same messy content.

There are members who are also extremely vociferous from the sidelines with suggestions on how the club should be run but are conspicuous by their absence when it comes to supporting the club at any of our meets.

Being witty and controversial behind a computer screen doesn’t always carry a great deal of influence.

Helpful knowledgeable members are what make a decent forum and there are a vast majority on Toyota Owners Club.

THEY are what make the place worthwhile.


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