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I just thought I would say hello as I only discovered this forum the other day. Names Ben and I'm from the South East. I drive a 93 MR2 GTS Turbo which I've owned for nearly 4 years now.

I'm on both the UK and International owners clubs as Ben Longhurst, plus I also run my own club called Midnight-Racing (you might have seen some of the events I do on the telly or in magazines?).

I’ve done a few mods to my MR2. Body wise fitted the 94+ spec rear lights and 98+ spec clear front lenses. I’ve lowered it 35mm, and fitted some 16” TSW Imolas. I have a new MRD front splitter to go on yet, but that will probably be the last body mod I do as I love the lines of the standard car.

Performance wise I’ve done a full engine rebuild with 86.5mm oversized forged Wiseco pistons, kept the standard rods and crank, running a 1.2mm TTE layered steal head gasket, water injection, very modified, flowed and ported CT-26 turbo running a 48mm T-04E compressor, thicker shaft, ported waste gates and a larger turbine wheel. This exhausts to my 3” Aussie Exhaust down pipe, connected to my GReddy Power Extreme Exhaust. Done lots of other bits too but get’s boring if I keep on!

1500 miles after the rebuild I put the car untuned on the rolling road and made just over 260hp at the wheels with just 1.2 bar boost running nearly off the scale rich (standard it made 156whp)! I’ve done about 4000 miles now and the engine has freed up nicely, so very soon I will go back to the rollers and tune for power. My goal is to break in to the 12 second ¼ mile times so I should be well on my way to achieving that.

Hope to speak to you all soon


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oih... and Jimlads !!

Well ... i was gonna put urs, but then i thawt naah...

I'll go to the bum's head! :P

Still tho, i gotta say i want u stick w. the 2 and mod it rather than switching cars. It'l be fun when my n/a whips the pants of ur 350bhp beast cos ur a crummy driver :lol:

j/k m8 :thumbsup:


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Hi Ben

Hello and welcome to the club mate. Sounds like to me that you have created a monster. Would be nice to see some pictures. Perhaps we will see you at one of the meets where we can see your car in the flesh as they say.


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Nah, a load more work than mine .. I've not opened the engine yet .. and mines only Rev2 ..

I keep on forgettin about that m8, doh!

Imagine what it would be like tho when u get started on the internals.

If ur car ever goes missing ... :ph34r:


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lol......    :lol:

I'll get racelogic traction control to make up for my pap driving skills...  :P

Still won't make any difference m8, ur a hopeless cause...

Think u mite be better off just go-karting :P


blah blah blah.... blah....

What was that you said ??

blah blah blah ...

Sorry... can't hear you !! :P

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Welcome to the club BenL :thumbsup:

Your 2 sounds like a beast you gotta get pics up! I just wanted to ask a question regarding your aussie pipe. Theres only a few peeps on this board(includin me) who bought one from Fensport and they supplied an additional gasket bit a few weeks ago with a letter stating that the aussie pipe has been found to crack due to the high temperatures(only on mr2s) and that the part sent out must be fitted asap. Your hybrid must be pretty damn hot have you had any issues with this?

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When is the next meet?

I’m one of the many who have had problems with the Oz pipe cracking. My first one cracked twice around the O2 sensor, I welded it up both inside and out and it was fine since, however I’ve had a replacement pipe with the supporting bracket which I’ve recently fitted. The bracket doesn’t look very strong really and only holds the pipe from the same bolt that supports the turbo oil return feed to the block. Time will tell if it solves the problem for good. Still cracking aside it does make a very good upgrade if you are running an uprated actuator. The reduction in back pressure is very noticeable and turbo spool improves greatly. At the moment I am reaching 1.2 bar by 3100rpm!

Here is a selection of random pictures from during the rebuild and the finished car. Apart from the machine work I did all the rebuild myself (yes it is possible to get the engine in and out with no help from anyone!)

Sorry looking engine bay


Standard CT-26


Modded CT-26


Wiseco Forged pistons (lower compression than standard, just 8.4:1 ready for some serious boost!)



My assembled short block (Had the block decked to make sure the steal head gasket sealed perfectly)



The car with it’s freshly rebuilt engine



The engine is pretty filthy at the moment because of the bad weather, but when it warms up a bit I will give it a clean and post up some more pics.

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Hi Ben

You asked when is the first get together? Heritage Motor Museum at Gaydon (near Warwick.


Also if you want to find out more about the club meets this year have a look here



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