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Help! Can't Get Toc!


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I don't know what's happened, but the only way I can get into toc is via a link on the lexus site.

If I click on my addresses for Toyota owners club, it comes up with "page cannot be displayed" all the time.( I'm wondering if I've worn it out with all the usage :rolleyes: )


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It happened to me aswell, the old address was


but for the last couple of days I have had to change the co.uk bit to .com then it works fine.

Just used that and thought I'd got it back, but I've lost that now as well as Loc,

I don't know how long I can keep getting back to the forum through back doors.

If somebody can help me please send e-mail if poss, if not It's been nice knowing you all and weather permitting I'll see you at York Ken.

Les :thumbsup:

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