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Just bought some Calipers (set of 2 front, 2 rear) as my rears are sticking and i want to em up to some funky colour...

Black to match my car?

Red to stand out?


Opinions please!

Also, I couldnt find anywhere but am quite sure that the Calipers on the MR2 sw20 didnt change in size / spec, so any calipers should fit any SW20 - can anyone confirm this so i dont go and blow more money spraying up these bad boys???!!

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Chrome .. :thumbsup:

Red - too max muppet

Blue - too max muppet (trying to be different and not go red)

I think the calipers are the same size .. but the mounting bracket was different .. one way to find out .. get a wheel off and compare ..

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Bibbs, i eventually want to fit red.dot discs and ebc greenstuff pads...

I also took the oppurtunity to buy these calipers quite cheap so worth the risk(maybe).

I intent to clean em up so they're brand spanking new and clean then i'll either spray em or get someone to do it.

I am now concerned about this mounting plate malarki, icant check now obviously but if the mounting plate / bracket is wrong for the calipers then can this be sorted and how???

Come on, we can get the answer together!!!

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the mounting bracket will be different from rev1 -> rev2+ as the brakes are larger on rev2+ ..

I'd have thought you could take the old calipers off and then re-use the same bracket ..

Red-dot disks are Very nice ..

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From what i could gather, i got the calipers from a rev 2 or 3, mine is a rev 2 so it should be ok in this case. I was just wondering if they altered again over the revisions....

Cheers for the help.


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Bibbs, sorry to be an ****,

Just to clarify: all revs INCLUDING AND ABOVE 2??? have the smae calipers???

The ones i have are pretty big barstewards so hopefully will be them....

If not, Im sure i could flog a nicely cleaned up set (in pearlescant shades!!!) to anyone here!!!

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I agree with Bibbs, but how about silver rather than chrome, will match the alloys and discs then.......

Mine are silver and according to the ladies they add 10-15% more sexiness the the car. Who am I to argue B)

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Do we have a pic?

I was considering putting something extra on them.

If i go Black, then white writing,

If I go red then either white or black writing, BUT whats this logo???!!!

In fact, Matt stop coming up with products and ideas - im never gonna have any money!

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john R you could be onto a winner here - saw a WRX earlier (it was <I thought I could get past the swearing filter - what a sad muppet I am eh?>ed and had some nasty stains everywhere but the wheels were awsome in gold, with gold calipers .......

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